New resume template coming soon + Discount for Newsletter Subscribers!

Happy July from ResumeHero!

We hope you are enjoying sunny days and warm weather! We wanted to let you know that our next resume template will be up on the website shortly.  For ResumeHero newsletter subscribers, we will be sharing a special discount code as a thank you for signing up!  So head on over to the sign up page so you can get first dibs on the new template.

This template will be a short and sweet 1-pager for folks with extensive work experience.  You may feel that all of your work experience is not relevant for a job opportunity and only want the hiring manager to focus on the most important bits - this template is perfect for that.

Now is the perfect time to get your resume in order while hiring managers are on vacation.  You can take your laptop out to a cozy spot in the sun and work through your resume with some tunes on in the background. Once September rolls around, you will be ready to go with a spiffy new resume to send out for the hiring season! 

As always, reach out with any questions. 

The ResumeHero Team